Taiwan International Graduate Program Online Application, 2022

Launch 2021-11-01 00:00:00 ~ 2022-02-06 23:59:00 GMT+8

The TIGP 2023 fall semester will open to applications worldwide from November 2022 to February 2023 (GMT+8).

TIGP is a Ph.D. degree program jointly organized by Academia Sinica and top national research universities in Taiwan. It provides an all-English and advanced research-orientated environment for educating young academic talents from Taiwan and abroad. It offers thirteen sub-programs, and to learn more about a program of your interest, please select it from the list and proceed to the program’s introduction and requirements for admission. 

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Additional Information:

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all arrivals must be quarantined in a hotel. Regarding the quarantine cost, the TIGP Office will provide partial reimbursement (utmost NT $22,000) for the TIGP new students after the quarantine period. Students must follow the required steps to apply for the reimbursement. 

As part of your preparation of moving to Taiwan, the TIGP Office suggests each student to bring NT $60,000 (~ USD 2,150) to pay for direct costs such as tuition, fees, housing, and food & indirect costs such as books, supplies, personal miscellaneous expenses, and transportation costs.